Urban Dynamics

Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership 2015-2018


Urbane Dynamiken.

Dinámicas urbanas.

Dynamiques urbaines.

Dinâmicas urbanas.

Five universities sharing a global vision

Urban Dynamics (UD) is an transdisciplinary project founded by three European universities (CAU/USC/UP8) and coordinating with two Latin American universities (USAL/UFPE) as well as with a number of local business and administrative partners. 

Through some past projects, we have proposed a common educative vision. "Urban Dynamics" projects that vision into the future.

Shaping the future by socio-cultural means

The cities of tomorrow will need a paradigm shift. That is why researchers and educators from several scientific branches are joining forces. 

Urban Dynamics bundles the knowledge and methods of geography, urban sociology, literary and cultural studies, intercultural management and urban administration to endow young people from all over the globe with a complete and competitive education.

A strategic partnership

Spanning the globe with transversal skills. Our Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership (SP) aims to establish a lasting global education network for modern city management and urban studies. 

Its goal is to facilitate the mobility of students, teachers and ideas as well  all in order to forge a better future.

Institute of Romance Studies (Prof. J. Gómez-Montero)

Department of Geography (Prof. R. Wehrhahn)

Department of Regional Geographical Analysis (Prof. R. C. Lois González)

Department of Spanish Literature, Literary Theory and General Linguistics (Prof. A. Abuín González)

Institute of European Studies / IEE (Prof. A-M. Autissier)


Faculty of Philosophy and Literature (Prof. M. R. Lojo)

Department of Geographical Sciences (Prof. E. Tôrres Aguiar Gomes)