Postgraduate UD Study and Training Programme

Purpose: Cities have always been a primary destination (whether temporary or permanent) for transnational migrants, and are thus invariably a location where different cultures meet, interact, and—on occasion—come into social conflict. Yet "urban laboratories" have also given rise to creative activity and political reform movements. Currently, Europe’s urban societies are confronted by massive new challenges: the trend toward urbanization continues unabated; existing infrastructure is threatening to collapse; economic crises have increased the risk of social dislocation; and political and economic factors have given rise to increasing migratory movements that are generating heterogeneous spaces. In light of the foregoing, the research-based UD Study and Training Programme aims to create the institutional conditions necessary for the education of skilled experts in the area of Urban Dynamics.


Methodologically, the cross-sectoral, transdisciplinary UD Programme (participation free of charge) builds on the following core elements: 1) transversal practice orientation and use of blended learning teaching materials; 2) focus on the intercultural dimension of urban dynamics, amplified through insights from literature, film and new media; and 3) bundling of perspectives and creative ideas from a transnational point of view.


Core Modules:

  1. Interdisciplinary Online Lecture Series "Urban Dynamics" (UD Blended Learning Platform)
  2. Case Studies in the field of Urban Dynamics (completed)
  3. Internships abroad (2016-2017 Calls: see [External] Partners section for an overview of participating institutions) 
  4. Int. Autumn School with Start-up Academy "Urban Dynamics & Change: Shifting Structures in Society, Space, Culture" (Kiel, Oct-17)

Additional Modules:

  • Int. Symposium "Urban Dynamics: Global Perspectives for Socio-Cultural Urban Management" (Paris, Mar-16)
  • Int. Workshop I: "Spaces of / for Urban Cultures" (Kiel, Jun-16)
  • Int. Workshop II: "Creative Urban Politics" (Santiago de Compostela, Mar-17)

 General Requirements:

  •  Interested students must hold a Bachelor degree (in e. g. Geography, Romance Studies, Sociology, Cultural Studies) and be currently inscribed in a related Master programme of one of the five UD participating Universities (CAU/USC/UP8/USAL/UFPE).
  • Furthermore (and in accordance to the modules) extended language skills, expertise/qualifications related to Urban Studies, practical experiences with reference to urban matters and personal competencies are required in order to participate in the UD Study and Training Programme with the opportunity of obtaining ECTS credits, an international UD Certificate as well as UD grant support.

For more information feel free to contact us.