Track Record (Coord.)

International and Interdisciplinary Projects in Urban & Space Studies

Urbes Europaeae


"Urbes Europaeae" was an intensive study programme realized with the support of EACEA. Its goal was to carve out the present discourses of European cities. In addition to international seminars in Kiel, Paris, Santiago de Compostela, Tartu and Donostia, four issues of the online review SymCity have addressed the topic so far.

 Metropolen im Dialog


The conference series "Metropolen im Dialog" in Hamburg and Kiel paved the way for the cooperation between the universities of Kiel, Santiago de Compostela and Paris 8. In a series of presentations and debates, participants discussed the new challenges to urban architecture, sociology, literature and philosophy. Selected contributions to the conference series are available online.

Cultural and Language Diversity on the Route of Santiago de Compostela


"Cultural and Language Diversity on the Route of Santiago de Compostela" is a multilingual project presenting the various routes of pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Each of these itineraries from all over Europe comes with a wealth of pictures, texts and videos.


Repenser l'Europe


"Repenser l'Europe. Europa neu denken" is a binational study programme that took place in Kiel in 2014 and in Paris in 2015. Participating students discussed concepts for an European future and sites of European memory. An additional focus has been the employability of our students' knowledge in an educational context; to that end the project cooperated with local schools.

Research Projects / Working Group Urban and Population Geography


Actual projects (sel.): "Interplay between area-based security policies and daily security practices in São Paulo, Brazil"; "Transit migrants in the Cities of the Maghreb"; "New urban-regional development processes and urban governance in Central Europe".